Krakow has an international airport with the direct connections to major European airports. The airport is located at a distance of about 15 km from the City Centre. The most convenient way to get to the centre is to use a train connection to the Main Railways Station. The prereserved hotels are within a walking distance from the Railway Station.

The alternative way to reach the Old Town from the Airport is to take a Taxi.
The cost is about 80 zł (approx. 20 Euro’s).

If you need to exchange money to polish currency this can be done at many exchange offices located in the Old Town. The exchange rate is presently around 4.15 PLN / Euro

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Kraków Airport web site:
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The addresses of the hotels

Hotel Polski "Pod Bialym Orlem"
ul. Pijarska 17
31-015 Kraków

"Bed and Breakfast" Guest Rooms
ul. Wislna 10
30-007 Kraków